Tristan Ahumada

CEO | DRE#01373444

I started my Real Estate career, while attending Law School, at the age of 23, I didn’t finish Law School because my focus shifted to Real Estate. After 1 year in the business I became rookie of the year at Century 21. I attribute my quick success in Real Estate to being married at 19, I had a lot of people to prove wrong and a lot to accomplish quickly.

After a successful 3 years in Real Estate, primarily working with referrals, door knocking (Canvassing) and working expired listings the market shifted, the world stopped, and markets crashed. After one year of trial and error I shifted all of my business into internet leads. I started with Craigslist, Zillow and then leads. I started a team in 2009 and a few years later took notice of my online lead “Conversion” abilities and I became a national speaker for them. My influence in Real estate grew and so did my creativity.

In 2014 I created LabCoat Agents as a Facebook Group and in 3 years we have grown to almost 80,000 members. LabCoat Agents is extremely influential in the Real Estate world and we are the largest Real Estate Facebook Group in the world. Our national fame grew even more in late 2016 as we introduced Facebook Lead Ads into the Real Estate world. We are now an authority as one of the top places to visit when it comes to Real Estate Facebook Lead Ads, latest technology, and systems to succeed in real estate.

In 2015 my real estate team hit a milestone and surpassed 100 Million volume in production, in Los Angeles/Ventura Counties, which placed me in the top 1% of all Real Estate agents in the US. My success in Real Estate has made our LabCoat Agents group even more relevant. People go to the group and website to find out the latest tech, resources, systems and to get motivated to grow their real estate business. We are literally changing the Real Estate world.

I now run a successful Real Estate team in California, operate LabCoat Agents, and I speak and average of 3 times a month nationally at different real estate events and brokerages. My love for technology and systems pushes me to test out the latest products and allows me to create successful systems for automation for the Real Estate world. I continue to help agents throughout the world because I believe that all agents should have access to free resources to help grow their business.