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Bypass the Traditional Home Sale process with an instant cash offer!

We’ll Buy Your Home For Cash!

At Tristan and Associates, we’re redefining the home selling experience by offering you a hassle-free, VIP selling experience that eliminates the stress of selling, so you can sell your home faster and move on with the rest of your life. Whether you need to sell your home fast, “as is” without repairs, or you see the value and convenience of accepting an “Instant Offer” that will enable you to fast track your home selling process, we’ve got you covered!

Our team at Tristan and Associates can help you save time, energy, and the hassle of preparing your home for listing, keeping it “show ready” 24/7, and dealing with the uncertainties of inspections, appraisals, and repair demands that come with the traditional home selling process. Simply tell us a little more about your home, meet with a member of our Instant Offer Team, and receive a cash offer from us within 3-Business days to buy your home.

Advantages Of Our Instant Offer

We understand how much your home means to you, and we offer several innovative options for you to choose from when selling your home with Tristan and Associates. This includes the option to bypass the traditional home sale process with an instant buy it now offer from us. If you’d like to know more about our Instant Offer to see if it’s right for you, keep reading.

Hassle Free

No jumping through hoops to make your home picture perfect, having strangers in your home for showings, or dealing with the hassles that come with listing traditionally.

Flexible Closing

With our Instant Offer, your closing day is up to you! Move ASAP or up to 90-days after you fully accept our offer. The decision is yours, finally!

Peace of Mind

By eliminating the stresses of traditional selling, our instant offers free up your time and energy so you can move on with your next chapter in life.

Instant Offer Program Guide

What’s The Catch?

You might be thinking, “This seems too good to be true. How can you give me a cash offer that’s competitive and still make money to operate?” That’s a fair question. Unlike the average investor or flipper who wants to buy low and sell high, we’re not looking to make a fortune on your home. The process is simple and easy. We’ll inform you of the local market and competition, and then make a fair offer that enables us to make a modest profit above our commission. If our Instant Offer works for you, we’ll buy it. If it doesn’t, we’ll invite you to list with us traditionally. Either way, we’d be honored to help you sell your home

Is There Any Obligation If I Request An Offer?

Absolutely not. Receiving an Instant Offer from our team at Tristan and Associates is 100% free and comes with zero obligations for you to sell your home to us. Of course, we’d love for you to list your home traditionally with us if our Instant Offer doesn’t meet your needs. If you’re ready to get your free Instant Offer, fill out the form on this page, answer some basic information about your home’s features, upgrades, and current condition, take a few pictures, and await your official buy it now quote.

Buying Your Home As Is

When we make you an “Instant Offer” for your home, we’re choosing to accept your home in the condition it’s in today. That means you don’t have to worry about repairing or cleaning your home before you move out, or dealing with the added stress of last minute repair demands that often plague the traditional home selling process. This allows you to focus on preparing for what’s next and let us take care of the rest after you move.

Understanding The Role Of Traditional & Instant Offers

When you buy an airline ticket you have the option to choose Coach or First Class. The majority of passengers will choose Coach since it’s the most economical option. Of course, with Coach you board and exit later than First Class. You have less than comfortable seating, and not as ideal meal options. And there’s the added uncertainty of not knowing whether you’ll end up with extra leg room, or be crammed in like a can of sardines in a packed 747. In a similar way, there’s a lot of uncertainty that comes with the traditional home selling process, but you can make more money on a traditional home sale.

On the other hand, a smaller fraction of flyers will opt to pay more for their ticket to have a First Class experience that offers them the comforts, luxury, and peace of mind in knowing that they’ll enjoy their flight. From the early boarding to the gourmet meals and comfy oversized chairs with plenty of legroom, paying a little more provides you with the peace of mind to know that you’ll have an enjoyable flight. Our Instant Offer is similar to a First Class experience where the comfort, stress free experience, and peace of mind is valued and worth accepting a slightly lower, yet reasonable, sale price on your home.

Closing & Saying Goodbye

Whether you need to move next week, or you want to have a flexible closing experience that enables you to take up to 90-Days to find and close on the perfect new home for your family, our Instant Offer allows you to have your cake and eat it too. At Tristan and Associates, we care about your needs and goals, and we’d love to help you sell your home! Let’s set up a time to discuss how we can help you today. Please fill out the form below and we’ll reach out to you ASAP.

Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with bypassing the Traditional Home Sale process by accepting an instant offer from Tristan and Associates! We’ve helped thousands of families buy and sell their homes and we look forward to helping you with yours too!

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